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Course: LARC 2340

Professor: Nick Brown


“Landscape Dialogues” an original production by Northeastern’s very own Cities, Landscape, and Contemporary Culture taught by instructor Nicholas Brown. This podcast is an introduction into some of today’s most influential landscape architects, designers, firms, and theorists, all within the context of the many different projects, communities, and ideologies they are responsible for shaping. These discussions will also shed light on current and futures trends in the field of landscape architecture, calling specific attention to the personal declarations presented in the Landscape Architecture Foundation’s summit that took place just two years ago. The summit gathered all the major leaders within the field to reflect on the last half-century of landscape design and present bold ideas for the future. So throughout this podcast we will explore these landscape architects. We will look at the role that they play in developing and modernizing the ways that we interact with space. Our podcasts present viable examples of the work that they have done and usher in conversation regarding their work and impact.

Semester: Spring 2018

Nina Chase
Brown, Nick
Northeastern University
Gina Ford
Brown, Nick
Northeastern University
Blaine Merker
Brown, Nick
Northeastern University

Course: AFAM 1225 16350 Gender, Race, and Medicine

Professor: Moya Bailey


Student pairs will produce a 6-10 minute podcast episode on a topic of their choosing related to the class content. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Water quality in Boston neighborhoods
  • Environmental racism in Boston
  • Different framing of “crack babies” and “opioid dependent newborns”
  • Race and gender in medical schools
  • Race and gender in different medical professions
  • Health care disparities by region, age, ability, race etc.

Student pairs are encouraged to be creative with the podcast – to have fun, and find ways to provide an informative and entertaining podcast. Students are encouraged to interview experts on the topic, and find other content to bring into the podcast.

Semester:  Fall 2017

Power, Privilege, Perseverance
Ajegwu, Rose
Gandolfo, Sakura
Power, Privilege, Perseverance
Flores Romero, Gladys
Kim, Sooji
Seltzer, Cynthia
Power, Privilege, Perseverance
Buxton, Claire
Spaulding, Shelby

Course: The Record Industry MUSI 3333

Professor: David Herlihy


The Groups will produce a video of the Master recording and post it on the web (e.g., youTube and the Artist’s site). The process of producing the video will include working with the artist, developing a “concept”, including assessing different esthetic approaches to determine what works best for the artist/recording (e.g., black and white, abstract, performance video, etc…), storyboarding, creating b-rolls, scheduling shoot(s), post production and editing a finished version of the completed video.

Semester: Spring 2015


Flash Paper

Build iT! is a Boston based punk band who love being sad, big beautiful penguins and sometimes writing banger tunes. It has been heavily rumored that this band does indeed play music, but there is still research to be done. There are currently four members of the band, but they are willing and open to add a third member.



The artist we’ve chosen to work with is a rapper named Tirelle Barron who releases music under the moniker The Noise Above. Tirelle’s style is an intellectual blend of lyricism and low-key funk and jazz-inspired beats which are complex yet accessible. His work is uniquely personal as he creates and produces all of his own beats and writes deeply introspective lyrics regarding personal experience, perspective, and growth through various struggles.

Jelly Apple

Hailing from Westport, Connecticut, singer-songwriter Mike Orent is set to break into the Boston music scene with his self proclaimed “sad folk / twinkly emo” catalogue. Orent began playing the guitar over a decade ago and hasn’t been able to put it down since. You can tell when he plays that his instrument is organically a part of him and that his comfortability with it has contributed to the conception of his several earnest, sincere, and wholehearted refrains. Drawing inspiration and influence from a variety of artists such as Elvis Costello, The Smiths, Pile, Elliot Smith, and Saves The Day, you are sure to be moved after hearing the honest lyrics and impressive vocals Mike offers up. Although this is Orents first solo project outside of his Alt-Rock band “Pennies In The Couch”, his songs, especially Connect The Locks and Jelly Apple, tug at the heartstrings of listeners, showcasing his vulnerability and dynamic range.

Hollow Heart

The Ryan Martin Band is a newly formed Indie Folk band based in Boston, MA, fronted by lead vocalist and songwriter, Ryan Martin. An avid guitarist and student to award-winning engineers at Berklee College of Music, The Ryan Martin Band is his first foray into showcasing his composition prowess. Martin’s composition experience extends over eight years, originally starting in R&B, Soul, and Jazz arrangements until finding his voice in Indie Folk genre after being inspired by bands such as Damien Rice, Mumford & Sons, Daughter, Fleet Foxes, Johnnyswim, Coldplay, and The Lumineers. In addition to writing for The Ryan Martin Band, Martin also serves as an engineer for Pop, Soul and Indie releases, working with local artists such as Godwin, The New Review, and Rob Ballantine. During his captivating performances, lead vocalist Ryan Martin performs alongside percussionist Diego Diaz, bassist Alex Gorchesky, guitarist Chris Davis, and pianist Danny Godwin, to deliver powerful, thought-provoking vocals, aggressively distorted passages, and blissful melodic lines that hook the listener into pensive tales of love, soul, and tireless minds. The upcoming singles 'Hollow Heart' and 'Go Now, Go On' will preview his upcoming EP, Hymns of the Wanderer, scheduled for release in June 2016.

The Bee Charmer

Drawing influences from both modern indie, as well as the tried and true formulas of old time-y folk and country western, Musket's music is both familiar and fresh all at once. The incorporation of the classic and largely forgotten folk instru- ment, the autoharp, in conjunction with whimsi- cal songwriting gives Little Musket her trade- mark dark, yet playful sound, creating a genre she likes to call "Melancountry" Little Musket released her debut EP of live songs in October 2015. Follow the journey on Facebook, and watch for new music on Band camp.

All I Have to Give

Blindspot is a female-fronted indie rock band from Boston, MA. They have been together for 2 years and are influenced by artists such as U2, The Killers, Paramore, Kings of Leon, Neon Trees, and Coldplay. Their unique sound, passion, and drive make them stand out against other musicians of their age. blindspot has opened for internationally recognized bands such as Gin Blossoms, Candlebox, Plain White T's, Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd, Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, Finger Eleven, Saving Abel, Smile Empty Soul, and Tantric. They are constantly striving to gain as much exposure as possible in order to expand their fan base and have people hear their music. Look out for them because they want to change the world!